Better together

Starting 1st July 2024, Gemtek and Addelec are integrating to offer you full-turnkey EV solutions from concept to completion.

This partnership improves our capability as your partner in adopting sustainable energy practices. We’re now better equipped to meet the increasing need for efficient and reliable EV charging infrastructure.

What does this merger mean for our customers?

Centralised Project Coordination

Gemtek + Addelec provides a single point of contact for end-to-end service execution. You can expect streamlined project management and operational continuity with minimal disruption to your business.

Cost-effective EV Charging Solutions

Through advanced load management and optimisation of existing and new infrastructure, you will benefit from cost-effective charging solutions.

Reliable Customer Support

You can now rely on a more extensive customer support network, prioritising fast and precise service accessibility for your business’s evolving needs.

Combined Expertise and Leadership

Gemtek and Addelec bring together a team of over 80 professionals with vast expertise in electrical infrastructure and EV charging. Our active involvement in industry committees ensures you receive the highest level of service.

Addelec and Gemtek showcase our commitment to a cohesive approach, through collaboration these brands provide a market leading service for both electric vehicle charging and the commercial and industrial infrastructure sectors.

Michael Sainsbury


Trusting Addelec + Gemtek means embracing a legacy of excellence, backed with a forward-looking approach that prioritises quality, innovation and unwavering support for our customer’s evolving needs.

Christopher McPherson

General Manager Addelec + Gemtek