Data Centres

At Addelec, we specialise in providing comprehensive electrical contracting services to the data centre industry. Our role is vital in ensuring the uninterrupted operation of data centres by designing, installing, and maintaining sophisticated electrical systems. These systems include reliable power distribution, backup generators, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to safeguard against data loss and downtime.

Our process begins with a detailed design phase, tailored to each client’s specific requirements, followed by the deployment of efficient energy distribution and redundancy systems. To guarantee operational continuity, we also offer regular maintenance and servicing, including equipment testing and calibration, adhering to industry standards and regulations. Additionally, we focus on optimising energy use and reducing costs through energy management solutions, incorporating energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy sources.

Addelec stands as a pivotal partner to the data centre industry, ensuring the creation and upkeep of essential electrical infrastructure that promotes smooth and efficient data centre operations. You can partner with us in providing services for your data centre.

  • Custom Electrical Design
  • Installation Services
  • Energy Management Solutions
  • Renewable Energy Solutions
  • Regular Maintenance and Servicing
  • Thermal Management
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Network Cabling and IT Infrastructure
  • Compliance and Standards Adherence
  • Disaster Recovery Planning