Petrochemical & Gas

Addelec has a strong history of delivering complex electrical installation projects. We also provide whole-of-life expertise in the installation and maintenance of electrical and related services to the petrochemical and gas industries in Australia’s remote and regional areas.

We offer specialised electrical services tailored to the unique demands of this sector. Our expertise includes designing, installing, and maintaining electrical systems that ensure safe, efficient, and reliable operations within petrochemical plants and gas facilities.

We understand the critical nature of electrical infrastructure in handling hazardous materials and the importance of adhering to stringent safety and environmental regulations. Our services are designed to support the entire lifecycle of petrochemical and gas projects, from the initial electrical design to the implementation of power distribution systems, control systems, and emergency power solutions.

Our team of skilled professionals excels at navigating the complexities of the industry, focusing on delivering solutions that optimise production processes and minimise downtime. Through our commitment to quality and safety, Addelec contributes to the resilience and efficiency of the petrochemical and gas industries operations in Australia.