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ABB Terra 24 Wallbox DC 

The Terra 24 DC Wallbox, boasting a 24-kW capacity, delivers a cost-effective and efficient solution for affordable DC charging, making

ABB Terra AC

The Terra AC charger is a standard electric vehicle charger with a rated power of 7.4kW, and a maximum current

ABB Terra124 DC Fast Charger 

The Terra124 DC Fast Charging solution offers up to 120 kW continuous DC Fast Charging via CCS2, accommodating two electric

ABB Terra184 DC Fast Charger 

The Terra184 DC Fast Charging solution delivers up to 180 kW continuous DC Fast Charging via CCS2, enabling the simultaneous

ABB Terra94 DC Fast Charger

The Terra94 is a connected charging station, catering to vehicles with CCS2 or CHadEMO connectors, offering fast charging at 90

Blueberry 50kW Standalone 

The Blueberry 50kW Standalone Charger is a robust and versatile charging solution for electric vehicles. With a power capacity of

Blueberry CLUSTER 50-600kW Distributed Chargers 

The Blueberry Plus is an advanced electric vehicle (EV) charging station with a power capacity of 600 kW, catering to

Blueberry FUSION up to 50-150kW

The Blueberry FUSION is a versatile electric vehicle (EV) charging station offering a power range of 50-150 kW with enhancing

Blueberry PLUS up to 50-600kW

The Blueberry Plus 600 is a robust electric vehicle (EV) charging station with a power capacity of 50-600 kW with

Earth Leads & Testers

Our Earth Leads & Testers are indispensable tools for establishing and verifying effective earthing systems in electrical installations. Designed for

eLumina D1 

D1 is an efficient DC fast charging product designed to simultaneously charge two vehicles with a maximum output of 160kW,