Addelec has extensive experience and reliability as a contractor for government projects across various levels.

Our provide electrical services that align with the public sector’s unique needs, covering a wide array of projects from infrastructure and public buildings to security and defense facilities, all requiring high levels of safety, reliability, and efficiency.

The process begins with a thorough evaluation of each project’s electrical demands, leading to the design and implementation of solutions that ensure secure and sustainable operations. Our services include setting up sophisticated power distribution networks, installing energy-efficient lighting, implementing security systems, and providing emergency power solutions, all customised for government projects.

Our dedication to quality is evident in our strict compliance with regulatory standards and our focus on precision and accountability in all our activities. We also emphasise the use of sustainable technologies and methods, supporting governmental goals for environmental conservation.

Working closely with government agencies and departments, Addelec aims to offer electrical services that surpass the requirements of public sector projects, aiding in the creation of durable and eco-friendly government infrastructure throughout Australia.