Urban Infrastructure

Addelec specialises in providing electrical contracting services for the urban infrastructure industry, focusing on designing, installing, and maintaining electrical systems for projects like public transit, EV charging, and modern developments. Our expertise ensures the seamless operation of urban infrastructure, emphasising efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

We are at the forefront of integrating smart technology solutions that contribute to the development of smart cities. Our projects incorporate enabled devices and systems that improve connectivity and data collection for urban environments. These technologies allow for real-time monitoring and control of electrical systems, improving response times and energy efficiency.

Our team manages projects from start to finish, prioritising energy-efficient solutions and reducing environmental impacts. We aim to equip urban areas with advanced, reliable electrical systems that support growth and innovation, ensuring our urban infrastructure clients receive sustainable, cost-effective services tailored to meet the challenges of urbanisation.

Smart Lighting and Traffic Control Systems

We design and implement smart lighting and traffic control solutions that enhance urban mobility and safety while reducing energy consumption. These systems use sensors and IoT technology to adapt to real-time conditions, optimising traffic flow and lighting levels.

Public Transit Electrical Systems

Addelec delivers comprehensive electrical solutions for public transit systems, including rail, bus, and tram networks. We focus on high-performance, reliable systems that enhance the efficiency and safety of public transportation.

EV Charging Infrastructure

We provide complete solutions for EV charging infrastructure, from compact urban installations to extensive charging networks. Our designs prioritise accessibility, efficiency, and scalability to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles.

Energy Management Solutions

Our energy management systems are designed to refine the use and distribution of energy within urban infrastructures. We implement advanced technologies to monitor energy flows and automate adjustments for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Renewable Energy Integrations

Addelec integrates renewable energy sources such as solar and wind into urban infrastructures, supporting the transition to greener cities. We design systems that are not only sustainable but also capable of withstanding the complexities of urban settings.

Data Collection and Analytics

We leverage advanced data collection and analytics to inform decision-making and improve urban infrastructure operations. Our systems gather and analyse data from multiple sources, providing insights that drive smarter, more responsive urban planning.

Infrastructure Safety Enhancements

Addelec prioritises safety with every project, incorporating robust safety enhancements that protect both infrastructure and its users. Our designs include advanced monitoring systems and fail-safes that ensure continuous protection.

Emergency Power Solutions

We develop emergency power systems that ensure continuous operation during power outages. Our solutions are designed to activate seamlessly, providing critical support to urban infrastructures during emergencies.

Smart Grid Technology

Our smart grid technologies facilitate the efficient transmission and distribution of electricity. They support the integration of renewable energy and enhance the reliability and security of urban electrical networks.