Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

Addelec’s Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services provide a holistic solution for power utility and infrastructure projects.  Our procurement services are designed to source the best materials and equipment at competitive prices, leveraging our extensive network of suppliers. We also provide continuous support and training to ensure the smooth functioning of the infrastructure post-commissioning. 

Integrating these services allows us to reduce the complexity and risk for our clients, offering a single point of accountability for the success of their projects. Our approach not only streamlines project execution but also enhances the overall efficiency, sustainability, and reliability of the infrastructure we develop, making us a trusted partner in the EPC domain. 

Our services encompass a wide array of capabilities beyond traditional engineering design, construction, and commissioning. These include: 

  • Detailed project planning 

Addelec’s detailed project planning ensures that all aspects of the EPC process are meticulously organised and managed from start to finish. This step includes scheduling, resource allocation, and risk management to guarantee that projects meet deadlines, budgets, and quality standards. Effective planning sets the foundation for project success and helps anticipate challenges before they arise. 

  • Feasibility studies 

Our feasibility studies provide critical insights into the practicality and potential success of a project before significant resources are invested. These studies evaluate economic, environmental, and technical factors to ensure that every project undertaken is viable, sustainable, and optimally designed for client needs. We help our clients assess various scenarios so they can make informed decisions that maximise returns and minimise risks. 

  • Project management 

Addelec offers comprehensive project management services that cover all phases of the EPC process, from initial concept through to successful project completion. Our project managers specialise in coordinating cross-disciplinary teams, ensuring adherence to all project specifications, and maintaining open lines of communication with all stakeholders. This ensures that the project remains on track, within budget, and aligned with client expectations. 

  • Operational support 

Post-construction, Addelec provides ongoing operational support to ensure that the newly installed systems perform efficiently and effectively. This includes training client teams, performing routine maintenance, and offering troubleshooting assistance. Our process is designed to optimise the lifespan and functionality of the infrastructure, providing peace of mind and enhancing overall performance.