Understanding the paramount importance of safety and precision in electrical equipment, Addelec recognises the necessity for regular and accurate tool calibration. As an accredited entity, we are fully equipped to manage all your testing and calibration needs, ensuring safety and regulatory compliance.  

Our calibration process is rigorously designed to meet the highest industry standards. We provide a detailed analysis and certification of your tools’ performance to ensure they operate at their optimal capacity, which is crucial for maintaining operational accuracy and extending equipment lifespan. This attention to detail protects your investments and maintains continuous business operations. 

Addelec aims to provide comprehensive services, including everything from initial testing and calibration to meticulous record maintenance and rescheduling, so you stay on top of your business’s mandatory audit requirements. 

  • Multi-meters 
  • IR testers to 10kV 
  • Circuit breaker analyser 
  • VLF 
  • Clamp & multi-meters 
  • Volt & ammeters 
  • Insulation testers 
  • Earth testers 
  • Load & power quality loggers 
  • Oil sample testers 
  • IR thermometers 
  • Cable fault locators 
  • Battery load units 
  • EWPs / Live Line Trucks 
  • HV indicators – modiewarks 
  • Live line gloves, mats, sticks & sleeves 
  • Partial discharge units 
  • Thermal cameras 
  • Transformer turns ratio meter 
  • Check, update and restock LV rescue kits 
  • Cleaning of EWP live line trucks and associated equipment 
  • RCD testing 
  • Lead test & tag