Design & Engineering

Our experienced team are well-versed in all areas of electrical engineering and design. We provide support and take responsibility throughout the project’s scope, from conducting the initial concept to the final design. You can rely on our capabilities to execute and complete arc flash, discrimination, and harmonic studies.

At Addelec, we utilise the latest software and design tools to create efficient and sustainable electrical systems that exceed industry standards. Our expertise in complex electrical layouts allows us to tackle projects of any scale. The results include precision in power system studies, detailed load analysis, and energy optimisation strategies.

Our engineering solutions are tailored to each client’s specific needs, environment, and regulatory requirements. Whether integrating smart grid technology into an urban infrastructure project or designing a bespoke power solution for a remote mining operation, we ensure that all technical, environmental, and economic aspects are considered.

Addelec’s commitment to sustainability drives our design philosophy. We specialise in integrating renewable energy sources and state-of-the-art energy management systems to reduce the carbon footprint of our projects. Our designs incorporate clean energy technologies that help clients achieve their sustainability objectives while reducing operational costs.

Level 3 Design Capabilities

Addelec excels in developing electrical layouts for urban subdivisions, ensuring seamless integration with complex urban grids. Our engineering solutions optimise load balancing and energy distribution to accommodate the high demands of mixed-use developments.

Our team specialises in high-capacity electrical systems for urban commercial and industrial environments, focusing on scalability to support intensive energy consumption. We ensure these systems are equipped with fault-tolerant designs and advanced load management capabilities.

We undertake rural electrification projects that extend the reach of the central grid to remote areas, overcoming geographical and infrastructural challenges. Our solutions incorporate resilient technologies that adapt to variable rural conditions and improve grid stability.

We manage electricity network asset relocations with precision, ensuring compliance with industry standards and minimal service interruption. Our approach involves strategic planning and advanced simulation to predict and mitigate potential risks associated with asset migration.

Addelec provides high-voltage solutions that meet the rigorous demands of industrial clients. We integrate advanced protection systems and smart monitoring technologies with your existing infrastructure. These designs prioritise safety, efficiency, and the capacity to handle peak loads with reliability.

Our public lighting designs are grounded in photometric analysis and energy optimisation, ensuring public spaces are illuminated effectively while minimising light pollution and energy consumption. We deploy LED technologies and intelligent lighting controls for adaptive and sustainable urban lighting.

We engineer both public and private network infrastructures with an emphasis on reliability, redundancy, and regulatory compliance. Our network designs incorporate advanced distribution management systems to enhance operational efficiency and resilience.

Specialising in low voltage solutions, Addelec focuses on safety and energy efficiency, employing cutting-edge circuit protection and intelligent distribution technologies. Our systems are designed to be user-friendly while meeting stringent safety codes and energy standards.

Our protection designs integrate comprehensive system analysis and the latest protective devices to shield electrical infrastructures from faults and disturbances. We utilise selective coordination and arc flash mitigation techniques to improve system safety and durability.