Load Management, Battery Storage & Solar

Addelec is dedicated to maximising the efficiency and performance of multiple EV charging points through advanced load management techniques. We focus on harnessing the existing electrical supply to optimize the charging process while minimising operational costs. We are committed to providing cost-effective and efficient EV charging solutions, optimising existing infrastructure, and preparing for future expansions and technological advancements in electric mobility.

Advanced Load Management

Utilising advanced techniques to ensure optimal performance and efficiency across multiple charging points.

Infrastructure Assessment

Anaylsing the existing electrical infrastructure, the building load requirements and the charging requirements to apply the most effective load management strategies. This could include battery storage and/or solar if space and budget allow.

Efficient Distribution

Efficiently distributing the electrical supply among all charging points to ensure each charger operates effectively.

Optimisation of Infrastructure

Excelling in optimising existing infrastructure to avoid costly upgrades, using intelligent load management systems that adapt to real-time demands.

Scalable Solutions

Implementing scalable solutions like load management that are adaptable, meeting both current and future EV charging demands. Adding battery storage and/or solar is another scalable solution that can grow with the buildings EV charging and other energy demands.

Preparation for Future Needs

Ensuring readiness for future expansions in electric mobility and embracing upcoming innovations.

Peak Time Shaving

Utilising battery storage, peak electricity time usage can be reduced taking advantage of lower off-peak rates and solar when available for a more energy efficient building and EV charging systems


By combining solar power with battery storage, self-sustaining microgrids can be created that provide reliable electricity, particularly in remote areas or end of grid locations.